Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Year

I like to look at a new year as a new beginning.  I'm always wanting to make resolutions and be a better person or do better things.  
Resolutions seem to be made to be broken.  I don't like making resolutions in January anyway.  In January you're still trying to figure out what happened to the last year and to remember to write the new year's date on your checks. It makes more sense to make them in February.  

I made no resolutions this year, but I thought about a few goals I would like to achieve.  
Like these: playing the piano; less knitting and more work; writing more letters and emails; and more blogging.  
I want to blog to record my life, It's a necessary thing to me, but the perfectionist in me seems to hold me back and I get anxious and then I don't want to blog at all and then I get anxious because I'm not blogging.  
I need to find a balance here. 
That would be a good goal, too.

That being said, let us start the blog.
 A new year with new things and loved traditions.

 I took a photo of the first sunrise of the year.
One of the things I love about our place is the east facing kitchen windows.  Every morning I look out to see the day and watch the sunrise.  It is different every morning, if not where the clouds are, then where the sun is. 

My folks came to visit soon after the new year.  They always come to celebrate Lorene and Zane's birthdays which happen at this time.  
I didn't do any goal fulfilling things at this time, I was on vacation, and a very good one it was I enjoyed the whole time. 
We played games, we put puzzles together, We sat around visiting and reading.  We ate lemon meringue pie and chocolate frosted cookies.  It was too cold to want to go outside that week so we stayed in.  

 Lynette got her passport that week.  She is going to Vancouver over spring break because she worked really hard writing an essay on why she wants to study overseas and won a place for the trip.  

 Spaghetti squash needs to become a staple for our meals.  Not for me, but for Jim.  

A daughter made lemon meringue pie with no help (except advice) from mom. 

A photo of me for a change with a Barry-boy that will never be this age again. 

So, here is my first blog post of the new year.  Will anyone really care that Jim's loves spaghetti squash and we put together a puzzle?
Maybe they won't, but I think I will.


The Chairman's Wife said...

I keep blogging for the very same reasons you do. Helps remember the ordinary days and how much life changes in just a short time. Beautiful pie L!

Anita said...

I want to get back to more blogging for the same reason but....
I love puzzles and squash so both have me a warm feeling!