Thursday, January 8, 2015

Another Year Older

I was reading the other day how important it is to sort your digital photos often. Presumably so they don't start multiplying in the hard drive like rabbits.  
 The article gave sorting options and advice and reminded us to delete the fuzzy ones and those that are "seriously, just how many pictures do you need of that one person?"
I really do try to every month or so, to download the photos off my cameras, sort them into folders by date, rename them something besides DSC546941641321, and delete the ones that are out-of-focus and too much like the other 43 I have of that event.  
Sadly, I usually keep about 40 of them.  

Zane turned six on the last day of the year and his mama turned another year older on the 3rd.  
So, we had a party.  He asked for angel food cake long ago for his birthday and Lorene was all for it too,  unfrosted.  There was a problem, however, how should I stick birthday candles onto an nfrosted cake.  I mean, Mamas can get by without needing to blow out a great many candles, but 6-year olds just have to, for the photo opportunities if nothing else.
So, I made a layer cake.  I used my old easy bake oven pan, (I only have one, so I had to do the layers one at a time.), frosted it, decorated it with a skate boarding Lego man and stuck in the candles.  Voila!
(In a later photo you will see an unfrosted angel food cake in the background.)

Here is where the saving of too many photos comes in.  
I don't have a very good camera.  I have one that takes pretty good still photos and has a great zoom and I have another that can be depended on to take fairly good photos of real life,  Perhaps if I left the pretty good camera on 'action' all the time the boys are around I would have better luck, but then half the time the color is off.  Even though I used my better camera in these shots, there is often a fuzzy spot, but the rest of the photo is good.  

 Zane is "reading" his card.  I like this one because he looks like such a big kid.

 Look at Zane grab the tissue out with exuberance.

I like this one because Barry is talking to his Mama. 

And this one because of the smile on Zane's face. 

And the smile on Christian's face. 

And the two boys together.  

And Zane looking over to see what Mom has, (of course, with Zane whatever he has is fuzzy.) 

And Zane's smile in this one, too. 

And Lorene's pleasure with her plate of taco dip... 

...even though her smile is better in this one. 

Watch the balloon.

It's bigger. 

We have to have the candle blowing ceremony. 

Playing games, together, 

and alone. 

That boys loves his Legos, and I love my photos.

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Anita said...

I love angel food, too, so made sure to find out on the pix! Looks yummy! Happy birthday all!