Thursday, May 21, 2015

Enter In

I'm just sitting here recovering from aforesaid surgery.  The last surgery it was very easy to sit around and do nothing because I felt like doing nothing.  This time, I'm having to enforce resting periods so I don't do too much and it is difficult.
So, I'm going to show off the photos of the entryway project this morning. 

Here we are ready to start.  The door is in the sidewalk and stoop are ready to go, 
(We being the occupants of the house, not the actual laborers, which was Jim)

Jim rented a hydraulic hammer drill to knock out the concrete with our excavator.

Then the hauling out, piece by piece. 

There go the steps


Pouring the footings for the steps.

Clean up machine, our vacuum excavator truck.

Jim is putting up a few foundation blocks with Zane's help.
The forms are done.

Steps poured.

Removing the forms.

Sidewalk poured.

Jim is staring our decorative brick.

I like it!

It is really nice having a handy husband.


Bonita Sue said...

Looks really nice! Jim probably had fun playing with different toys too! Will be very nice for older folks who come since the steps are lower (don't mean you....yet!)

Dodie said...

Hey that's cool! I like how he incorporated the old brick. But yes, especially for maneuvering walkers, etc. I was going to mention wheelchairs but now I remember your garage is already totally wheelchair friendly with the cement ramp. Way to go Jim! Thanks for recording the fun with big toys.