Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Some Days

Some days it just doesn't pay to get up.  I try to get my errands done with as few visits to town as possible.  You know, just do it all in one trip.  There are a couple of reasons why I like to do this.  One is that I like to stay home instead of run around and the other one is the gas-wasting issue.
I wanted to get my groceries and banking done in the same trip that took me to my knitting group in the afternoon, but it was predicted to be warm enough that it wasn't a good option unless I rooted out a cooler and I didn't want to do that.  So, I went to the grocery store in the morning.  
The first thing I didn't do was grab my water bottle.  
The next thing I didn't do was think about going to the bank to get grocery money until I was parked in the very nearest spot to the door.  Sigh.
I went back to the store, and parked near a cart corral which is the next strategy if I can't get a close space, grabbed my stuff and....I forgot my list.  
So I went back home.
Got the list.
Got the same parking spot, and went in.  

We did lots of things this week.  We bought the carpet for the basement bedroom Jim is working on and a mattress for the full sized metal bed that belonged to his folks.  That was all well and good until we put the mattress and box spring on the bed.  We got more mattress than we planned, but those mattresses looked a lot smaller on the racks at Menards than they did on the bed.  
I can't climb onto it.  Of course, the bed rails are taller than modern ones, the casters add a couple of inches as well.  I looked into a smaller box spring today.  They make them that way.  They're called "low-profile".

It snowed three times this week and I scooped the driveway twice.  The third time the sun took care of it for me. 

Outside the front door.  (From inside.)

We had a lovely little visitor to our feeder. 

And frost blowing off the trees.

And I spent part of the time sitting on the couch reading, knitting, and drinking cocoa.  I wear a scarf most of the time to keep me warm.  This scarf is from a few decades ago when scarves were in before.  

In an effort to get some better nutrition in me I decided to made a green smoothie.  I generally want a pick-me-up in the afternoon and this should be a good one.  It is pleasant to eat which means the texture and coolness overrides my "no-taste" issue. I won't eat very much at a time so I looked for my ice cube trays to make smaller portions but I couldn't find them so I had to buy another one.  
This is a double batch.  

I also made a batch of buns, poured the fire-starter pine cones into a basket, cooked up neck bones for a lovely BBQ beef over mashed potatoes casserole, and cleaned the house.  
And laundry. 

And about those resolutions.  
Walking--6 out of 7
Blogging--you see it.
Piano--15 minutes per day. 

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Renee said...

You rock, woman! Keep it up!! I love the picture of you and your scarf!!