Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Week 2--2016

It's Tuesday, and I'm blogging--check.
I walked 5 out of the last six days--check.
My office work was done in the office all last week--check.
I've written two letters--could have done better.

A new semester has started and my daughter is fortifying herself for the days ahead when she's working and can't eat at the cafeteria.  Eggs were cheap this week, (our chickens have gone on strike) and she mixed eggs, spinach, peppers and tomatoes and ended up with some very nice looking egg cups, ready for the freezer and ready for school.

Speaking of food, we like gravy.  I bought a bunch of pork chops a while back and put them frozen separately in the freezer, so I can pull out one chop for supper.  It doesn't look like much swimming in a 12" pan of gravy, but I don't eat much meat and there is more than the "pack of cards" three ounces that is considered a serving. 

We got some more snow this week.  We actually got enough to cover the grass, instead of just enough to keep our roads icy.  I've been walking around our subdivision.  Once around is a half mile and I get pretty puffed with just that.  Saturday I decided scooping snow off the driveway should equal a half mile walk so I began, planning to go until I got puffed.  
Obviously, pushing an inch and a half of very light snow, back and forth off the driveway wasn't as hard as I thought.
I finished it in two takes.

We went to visit some old friends in the northeastern part of the state this weekend.  (Old in that we've known them forever.) We were expecting the coldest weather so far and the weather lived up to the weatherman's predictions.  It was -11 F.  Jack Frost visited during the night.  

My friend lives in a lovely old house that she has decorated charmingly.  
I love this little nook, a perfect little spot to curl up with a book.

Our bedroom.  

I took special care with my hair anticipating this photo.  We didn't take the photo until after dinner and by then my hard work was permanently damaged, aided by the hat I wore when we went out to eat it. It's a hopeless case.  Frizzes we shall always have with us.  


Darcie said...

Your daughter has such a great smile! Good for your walking! I did so good when my mom was here for a couple weeks, but not so good after she left. Sweet picture of you with your friend!

Renee said...

Oh, Shelley.....great job on your New Year Resolutions! I will be your faithful reader as you are a faithful blogger, all through the year!!