Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Goodness Snakes!

It would be really nice if I could remember what on earth I did last week.  I suppose I could
get up and look and see what the calendar says.  
Now some of it is coming back to me.  It rained a couple of days and nights.  One of them was accompanied with a tremendous wind.  
Since it rained I got out and weeded the flower gardens and helped Jim weed the vegetable garden.  That was a messy business, since it is a job I need to sit down on and I got pretty dirty.  
We've been eating yellow squash, green beans and cucumbers.  I picked what I thought were all the beets to make pickles, when Jim asked, "what are you saving those beets in the garden for?"
I hadn't seen them, partly because the row was pretty weedy and partly because my cart was full.  They aren't as far along as the rest since the rabbits ate the tops down once.  I took my cart full of beets to the chicken pen and cut the tops off there.  Those chickens would peck at them and then every time I threw another handful down, they'd scatter. 

One time the boys were here and they've discovered the joys of cutting down old plants.  I let them cut down these holly hocks because they had fallen down in the wind.  

Our summer apples are ripening and I put this many in the freezer.  

Cherries were on sale so I canned 2 lugs of them, some will go to my mom.  
I did about 4 1/2 dozen peaches as well.  

I'm practicing with a new camera.  There's supposed to be a defect in these photos.  It isn't obvious to me yet. 

I've also done plenty of knitting this week.  I was practicing a new pattern and working on a sweater for me.  
I'm sitting here thinking, what a boring week.  
I just remembered the most exciting thing of the week and perhaps the whole summer. 
At the beginning of the year I resolved to spend less time on facebook.  I haven't posted much of anything since then.  I did post the day I found a snake in the washer.  
Here’s the rest of the story:
I was pulling clothes out to put in the dryer when I saw this long skinny thing tangled in a pair of Jim’s underwear.  I dropped it and sprang back and the thing wiggled a bit, and I wondered what on earth to do.  I didn’t want that snake running around in my laundry room so I would come upon him again.  Jim was back home that morning but I didn’t know when so I opened the door and swished the underwear outside, snake and all.  I didn’t see him move so I wondered if I imagined him wiggling in the house.  When Jim got home I marched him over to where the underwear lay on the patio, and there was no snake!  He must have crawled away, I thought, but then Jim picked up the undies and there was the snake!  So that was the end of that.  Another use for the pliers and it got pitched out into the way back yard.  I still feel creepy when I pick up a pile of laundry.  I’m thinking he must have been in the pile of clothes before I put them in.  We have a vent pipe over our storm cellar in the basement and I’ve wondered before if they are getting in that way.

There is a little more to this story.  We figure the snakes crawl down the vent pipe that goes into our storm cellar that is hidden under a ground cover of evergreen stuff.  We've suspected that snakes live under there and yesterday I was wandering around the place and coming back to the house there was a snake on the sidewalk.  I hollered at Jim and that snake very calmly slithered itself under the evergreens confirming our suspicions.
Jim put a screen over the vent. 

The end.
Of snakes in the house, I hope.

A little boy with a little frog.  

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Renee said...

The snake story is one for the books... just gives me the super duper heebie jeebies!!!