Saturday, January 15, 2011

Confucius Says....

I don't think Confucius is going to say anything in this blog post, but I certainly feel confused.  I've rather had the props knocked out from under me, and after two years of struggling to understand and accept my role as gramma/caretaker, that one is gone, and I have to get used to another one, that includes mother in law, and farther away gramma. 

I know real life isn't "clear-cut and trimmed off, as they are in novels"**, there are struggles every day and I am finding I don't adjust very quickly when I'm stressed and tired.  I'm still raising a couple of teenagers too, thank you very much!  And they like to have me around part of the time, even though they don't act like it most of the time.

It is very hard to work with toddler attention span and teenage attention span at the same time, because it IS at the same time, kids don't take turns when they want attention.

So, here we are.  I am no longer "full time" gramma. I won't have Zane around everyday to enjoy and clean up after, and take pictures of, and blog about, and get exasperated with. 

I will have him some days, and I will enjoy and appreciate him more.  But my life has changed so this blog will change.  I will be able to do more things that I enjoy.  So, I'm hoping this blog will reflect some of those things, now, too.  I like to write, scrapbook, crochet, knit, take photographs, chronicle my kids' lives, and who knows what else will pop up in here.  There will still be Zane around some, but the rest of us are still here, too.  There is more of ME here, too.  So, as I'm still coming to terms with what I'm going to do with myself, mind and body, now.  I hope you'll enjoy being along for the ride

**if any one knows where I got this quote from, I will send them a homemade prize, up to five prizes, just in case there are hundreds out there that I don't know about.


The J's said...

What? You mean you didn't get a guide-"how-to" book either??
And shucks, I have no idea where the quote came from, if I've heard it, I have no recollection of it, but then that's not surprising either!

Huisman5 said...

Chapter 38 - False Dawn Avonlea

gkey said...

dear Lifes'Adjustments,

Sounds a bit 'Anne-ish' to me.
I have been wondering how you all are doing with not having that lively little guy around all the time....I know you would miss him so much too.

A new Chapter in this wild-action-packed-adventure story called 'Life'

Lynisha said...

Anne of the Island!

More "ME" time is always a good thing, and I'm sure you will feel like you appreciate that little Zane boy even more, since he won't be there all the time! Now the time will be more precious than ever!

Gramma's Corner said...

I am going to start pasting comments from people who comment on my facebook link, because I love to read the comments and this way they will be with the corresponding post.

You have a beautiful family. The wedding pics were beautiful too. I know the big adjustment when your daily life and role changes when your grandchild leaves your home. Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy!!!
Teresa Sunderland

mrsmacolsson said...

Oh, that has to be Anne of Green Gables, I double checked with google and its Anne of the Island. I am so looking forward to reading those books with my girls.
You know, if you post on my blog, you could win a mrsmacolsson shopping bag......
I hope you enjoy your "free" crafting time too, and settle into the new roles life has given you.

The J's said...

hmmmpph! And I've read all those books too. But then you know what happens to the memory when you turn 40 and have that many kids besides. I didn't even think to google it!

gkey said...

dear Montgomery Quote,

Well, I did not think to google it either. My very first thought was that it had to be from Anne though. Partly because I know how YOU love the books, and YOU know how WE love them. With that in mind, I couldn't think of another author you would offer a guessing game of.

At least there is always a good book to curl up with or plenty of crafting to do.

Some things don't change when about everything else does