Friday, January 7, 2011

The Changing of the Guard

It has been a really long time since I posted any new posts.  I mostly planned it that way, but December is also a very busy month.  We have extra company all through the month of December for one thing, and usually plan some sort of trip and then with kids home from time just ain't happenin'.

So this post is going to highlight just one of the big changes in our lives. 

The marriage of our oldest daughter! 

It is a very different stage of life when your children start acting like adults and making decisions on their own. And in this case Lorene getting married leaves not only one hole in our house and our lives, but two. 

(Of course, since they are still storing some of their things in the basement, some of that isn't noticeable yet.)

I'll admit, I was getting worn out with complete care of Zane 15+ hours in a week, trying to keep my house tidy and meet the needs of everyone else in the house, but still, I find myself turning around to see where Zane is.  We'll have to have him over real soon.  (But, I want to finish my painting first.)

I'm not really capable, (at least at the moment, and maybe not ever) to write beautiful words of love and marriage, loss and gain, but here's the story:

Lorene and Aaron were married January 3, 2011 at the Buffalo County Courthouse at 10 am.  They were attended by their immediate families who were dressed nicely in their colors, dark red and black.  Lorene was 19 years old that day.  After the brief ceremony, very bad pictures were taken at the bride's home and the party had lunch at San Pedro's.  (During which the mother of the bride got sick and spent the rest of the day in bed.  The illness had nothing to do with the food or the fact that her oldest daughter was married, she succumbed to a virus.) The bride and groom are living on the edge of Grand Island in a tiny little apartment. 

Unfortunately, everyone else in this household (except Nathan who never gets sick at convenient times) played host to the virus eventually, which is part of the reason why I'm so late making any sort of post at all.  For those who are dying to see pictures, here are the ones taken by someone who knew what they were doing.  I am  hoping that my very bad pictures can be salvaged, so that they can be used as family pictures this year.


Margie said...

Thanks for the nice recap Grandma. Congrats Lorene and Aaron!! Great pictures!!

Lynisha said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures - those colors look VERY nice!
Too bad you got sick - what a rotten thing to have to look back on!

Njos Family said...

Congratulations to the Bride and Groom. The pictures are lovely. Can't believe how big Zane looks.

Dalayna said...

Thanks for sharing! The pictures look nice.

Raimie said...

Dear Fresh, New Mother-in-law,
Glad to see pictures! They look like a darling little family... can't imagine your house without Zane! Hope he gets to come over often!

I hope you can salvage your pix!

Anonymous said...

What nice pictures! Zane looks so old! Thanks for sharing! Juli

The J's said...

Very nice pictures!! Sorry about the timing on the sickies, that was a bummer.
Loved your post! :)

Renee said...

A great post after a brief hiatus. The pictures are wonderful. Zane is so adorable in that first one...doesn't look capable of any of the messes you write about on here! Stay well now!!

Anonymous said...

Cannot wait to see the wedding photos. I'm sure they turned out fine. :-) Sorry to hear that you were sick the rest of the day in bed for her wedding day. :( I cannot imagine how much you & the rest of your family miss Zane since he was such a huge part of your lives for that many years! Thanks for posting pics...Kim Black

gkey said...

dear Mother of the Bride,
(I love saying that whenever possible)

Lovely pictures of your girl~bride, new son~in~law, and not~so~little Zane~boy. Wishing them every happiness as they start this new season of life together.

And to you dear friend, as you do too.

Having a favorite Son~in~law