Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Going to Gramma's

We had Zane last weekend.  Mama and Daddy both had to work and Grammy from GI was gone, so we were the gainers thereby.  It is a good thing that I can do a lot more work without complaining than I used to, since he came at the end of a very busy week.  We had two meetings here, overnight company eight days in a row, and a two day Fourth of July celebration in there, too.  That means a lot of cooking and a little paying attention to what needs picking up. Thank goodness, most people around here are capable and willing to do a little picking up themselves.  (Or else, they don't leave things lying around, as in the case of my son.) 

Anyway, it sure is fun to have Zane around.  It's like we are making up for lost time.  The only chance we have of getting to know little kids again is with these grandchildren.  They don't live with us like our own did.  Sometimes they live far away.  Therefore, we need to make the most of every opportunity.  If we want to have any influence over this little boy's life, we have to start now.  Zane especially loves being with Papa.  Papa does do all sorts of interesting things, mostly involving dirt and things with wheels. I think sometimes we want to fix the mistakes we made with our own kids, but mostly I think we know now, how fleeting those years with young children are.  They don't stay young forever, and we won't be around forever.  The more love in anyone's life, giving and receiving, the better.  No one is ever sorry they have truly loved. (I suppose someone else wrote that first, but I don't know who it was.)

My nice, more ordered than ever, life is put on hold when he is there.  Toys are all over the kitchen and living room.  I know there is no use to put them away until bedtime; they will just come out again. It isn't so bad.  No toys, no grandson.  So, I took a couple of pictures of what the house looks like when there are kids in it. 

Of course, it doesn't look too bad.  I wouldn't take pictures of what it was really like.  And I notice, that some of the stuff ISN'T toys.  I should look up a photo of what it was like when my kids were going strong.  Zane isn't here long enough or have anyone to help make a REAL mess. 

And, oh, does he love his trains. 

Here's a good one.  They made huge messes when they played but they sure had fun.  

January 1996--Lorene would be 4; Nathan, 2, and Lynette a babe in arms, and not helping with THIS mess.  

We love all our time with Zane, and then we he goes home and tells his folks, "I miss Maury and Papa"---well, it's all worthwhile.

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