Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Picnic---2010

I was looking through some old photos, and I found these.  I never got around to posting them last summer, and I enjoyed looking at them so much, I decided to post them a year late.  

This was a picnic at some dear friends, for some good reason, or maybe no good reason, I can't remember.  It doesn't matter.  Anytime we get together we have a good time. 

Zane had such a good time on this battery operated tractor.  I wish we had one.  He had a hard time sharing. 

There were kitties there, too.  

Zane likes anything with wheels. 

And of course, I couldn't decide which effect I liked better. 

Sweet to the last.


Renee said...

I like the sepeia tones.

The J's said...

Oh I really like the sepeia too! Such cute pictures of Zane!

Raimie @ The Prairie Hen said...

Dear Sweet Remembering,
That was my brother, West's 18th B-day party. Wow! And here we are at his graduation!

Darling pix of my Bee on the swing - thank you for sharing them!

I can see how much Zane has grown in a year! Love, Looking back in NE

gkey said...

dear Good effects,

Wow, this sure was a fun post (of course, since some of my people are in it too! ha) It is always really fun to see how the littles have grown, and then for me, its good to see some improvements that show up in the background.

Remembering a good time