Friday, July 22, 2011

Water Fun

What is summer without a little bit of water fun?  Lorene, Lynette and chased after Zane for an afternoon at the water park.  He doesn't like following the rules.  This silly slide is a lot more fun when you slide down on your tummy or climb back up again. 

Zane is brave enough to go down the slide alone. Lynette is at the bottom to catch him. 

We had to get a new pool for this year and ended up getting a 20 footer.  We didn't realize how much bigger it was than our 15 footer of last year until we put it up.  It seems to be a heavier quality, so hopefully it will last  now, until the kids are gone. 

Zane is just a little fish.  He goes everywhere in that little life jacket of his.  Of course, it means he thinks he's safe in the water, so he really has to be watched in case he gets away from us.

Aaron is just crazy.  I got lucky and got him mid-jump.

Lynette was throwing him the ball to catch.  He missed.

My brother gets too carried away with fireworks and he gave what he couldn't use to Nathan.  I was NOT impressed.

Then Nathan and Lynette got the bright idea to make a slip-and-slide from tarps.  We have three 4x18' tarps staked out with tent stakes.

You may not think this is a very exciting photo, but to me it is.  Lynette and Nathan haven't cooperated on a project for years.

Zane was much more interested playing with the hose. 

It worked best if someone helped Zane slide. 

That's my boy!

and my girl!

and my other boy!

They really had a nice time, and they put everything away when they were done, too.  Every time.


The J's said...

I'm laughing at the last picture of Nathan--That is one way to get a picture of him!!
It does make Mother's hearts happy when their kids do something in cooperation, dosen't it! It still makes me smile to think of several times I remember.

Lynisha said...

Ahhh, sweet summertime! Where were the top pictures taken? Is that Harmon?!

Gramma's Corner said...

It's Island Oasis in Grand Island.

Gramma's Corner said...

Cyndie wrote: "love it!!! these are precious memories for sure :)"

Gramma's Corner said...

Jane wrote: "How neat!!!!"