Sunday, August 7, 2011

August 2009

Okay, so it is really this time TWO years ago.  But I love the following photos so much, that I want to look at them again, and share them.

I'm not great on photography, but once in a while I get some I really like.

I tried to take Zane everywhere I went.  I know he got dirty in the garden, but what fun is it to stay clean!

These photos are taken at the front of our house.  Zane is wearing a romper that my dad wore when he was a toddler. I took photos of Nathan and Lynette in this little romper also.   Dad's initials are embroidered on the front, "TFB". Zane is 7 months old.

Just a little looking and here is Lynette at 9 months in the romper.

Lynette at the same time, just cute. 

All the kids in September 1994 (oops, how about October 1996)

And Nathan at 8 months in the romper.


Raimie @ The Prairie Hen said...

Dear Shelley,
The tomato pix and romper pix of Zane are darling. What sweet memories you made taking him along with your through the days... that is really waht life is all about... the LIVING, isn't it?

Can't believe those darling children in the older pics are almost all grown up now. Those faces are familiar glances into my memories of Kearney days.

A Kearney Girl Once in NE

The J's said...

Wow, it just doesn't seem long ago at all!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet pictures! I have to say, though, that the pic of all three kids can't be 1994 since Lynette was born in 1995 =) It is, however, so wonderful to see them all little....the days seemed slow but the years have flown.


gkey said...

dear treasures to see again,

Sometimes there are those pix that make us wish we could just go back for ONE day. To hold them like they were then. Seems like it would help during some of the hard times eh?

We blink and they are flying out the door...