Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Train Up a Child

Zane likes trains.  Actually, he LOVES trains.  He was staying with us during and after the time his little brother came.

We came up with a new game that involves both trains and being outside. I surely get some sort of beneficial exercise crawling around on the cement drawing train tracks and roads with sidewalk chalk.  

I don't know how soon he figured out that this stuff washed off with water, because he had more fun washing the tracks off that driving his train on them.  Eventually, it got to the point that all he wanted to do was have me draw, he wash off, rinse and repeat.

I only let him do that twice a day.  

On another note:

Zane growing up so quickly.  He's 32 months old today.  I love to listen to him talk, since he uses complete sentences now and I can understand what he is getting at most of the time.  I love to hear the words he uses and the way his grammar is shaping up.  What I especially noticed this time is that not only can he recognize what a real sheep looks like (have you seen what kid's books sheep look like!), and that when you are talking about more than one thing you add an "s" on the end of the word, thus, sheeps.  Too bad he picked the first word I get to hear him use as a plural is one that doesn't.  He'll find out soon enough.  I was impressed that he even knows things need to BE pluralized   

That's My Boy!!