Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The End of Another School Year

My daughter discovered something the other day.  If you roll up your hair in very small pieces on hot curlers, you really get curls.  
She has beautiful long, thick taffy colored straight hair.  So, of course she wants curls.  

Curls are nice for special occasions.  They give you confidence in hard situations.
Like the piano festival and recital.  
I had my camera with me on festival day, where piano students are judged on theory, ear training, and performance.
Lynette got a 1-, which is a Superior which qualifies her for state in the fall, and earns a medal.

These are her piano teacher's festival students, and our friends.  The other two earned Superior also. 

Curls are also nice for appearing at the Thespian Banquet, during which Lynette received her pin as a member and a Hershey bar as consolation since the One-Act team didn't get to districts due to the weather, and thus didn't have the chance to make State, since they weren't there. 

Good Job, Lynette!!


Anita said...

Very pretty! And congrats Lynette!

The J's said...

Glad we could share in some of the fun & honors, and I've always loved curls!! ;)

Renee said...

Her hair is lovely....but so is she as a person...not just her hair! Kudos for all the awards!