Thursday, May 10, 2012

Barry 8 Months

Barry is 8 months old.  He is crawling well, which means Zane's train tracks that cover the living room floor don't work so well.  Barry's idea of playing with trains is to grab the track and wave it around for awhile, and then grab some more. I've been teaching Zane to call me when he gets frustrated with Barry, which he is learning to do.  I also keep a pretty close eye on the situation, just in case. 
I have made Barry his own little track which only lasts as long as he is content to watch the train go 'round.  It ends when he grabs the engine.  
He is also pulling himself to stand.

We have enjoyed our own pool for several years now.  The worst of it, is that every spring it needs scrubbed and filled.  
We are lucky to have such powerful equipment, so it doesn't take long with a power washer to scrub and a vacuum excavator to suck the water back out.  
Jim had good help this year. 

Actually, Lynette helps every year. 
She and her friend celebrated the finish with a boot fight.  

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