Thursday, April 19, 2012

Barry 7 months

This is a month of some big changes, but they don't happen fast enough to the folks that want him to be crawling, but for the ones that know what a mobile baby gets into.... It's just fine that he's taking  his own sweet time.
When he turned 7 months he was sitting well.  But, it wasn't very long until he was pushing up to hands and knees and pushing backwards to a sitting position.  It's fun to watch the little guy rolling around, sitting up, trying out the crawling position.  He pushes himself backwards on hands and knees, and hitches himself around in a circle while sitting.  He wants so badly to go forward, but he hasn't got it down yet.  
Today he was able to get one knee forward, but couldn't get the idea to try the other knee next.  So, it won't be very long and he will be on his way, and train tracks all over the living room floor may not be an option. 

Matching outfits in a new wagon. 

Talking to Auntie 

Big Brother 

Today we also had a little 5 month old girl for an hour.   Barry was fascinated.
I can't really describe how Zane acted.  He was enchanted with the fact that there were two babies. He seemed to think another little one was pretty neat.  He was a lot better with her that I expected.  He was content to look not touch.  

Except for the time he gave them both a hug.

Barry loves to stand, but can't pull himself up yet.  Pretty soon, he won't be able to sleep in this little crib anymore.  They boys spent a night with us this month.  The first time for Barry here without Mom and Dad.

Most of the time he's a really happy kid for me and plays on the floor and talks.


The J's said...

Such a cutie! Wyatt is "army crawling" all over the place now. He's almost doing the hands & knees thing, gets up there & moves back & forth but can't quite get it all coordinated at the same time to move very far yet.

Dan & Cyndie said...

very cute posting...they will all be mobile way too soon for this gramma :)

Renee said...

Such cuties!