Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Miniature Garden

Every year I keep thinking that I am going to live my life so that when the first three months go by, I'm not saying , "AAUUUUGH, it's April already, where has the time gone!"  Maybe the thing to do it to keep so busy you don't recognize the passing of time, ever.  I just don't like to wake up about half way through the year and wonder what I've done all those months.  
I want to enjoy what I'm doing, even when I'm busy doing it.  

So, I've been trying to do some fun things.  Like this mini garden, for example.  

Like cutting out two skirt patterns, and hoping I can sew them up very nicely, and cleaning out the basement so it looks like a play room and sewing room instead of a storage room.  

If I didn't have to work and keep house and run errands and watch grandbabies, I'd have the skirts started and the basement done. 

BUT...today I hugged and carried and played with and built train tracks with and for my boys.  I picked up my income taxes, I bought the lining for my skirt; I bought a bird house for my mantel. I cleaned; I washed dishes; I made lemon bars and supper.  I paid bills and juggled money at the office, I went to the bank (the third time in two days!!!) 

Now it is the end of the day and I am the cheering section for homework and piano practice.  I think I'll find a   book to read.

I did things today and I enjoyed doing them, 
especially the lemon bars. 


The J's said...

Sounds like quite a profitable day! I know what you mean--these months just disappear!

The J's said...

oh yes, I meant to mention how cute the miniature garden is! I'd love to try one of those!

parose said...

I love it! What a clever idea! It would work amazingly well in a small yard...such as the one we have. ; )

Anita said...

I love that miniature garden, too!!