Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Boy and a Bucket

I like to color eggs.  I like to color eggs so much, that when whatever kids are around that are coloring eggs, I save all the dye and color every other egg in the house, even the raw ones.  
It is a lot of fun to crack brightly hued eggs into the frying pan of a morning.  
It doesn't color the inside.

These eggs that my oh-so-eggx-cellent grandson (hee, hee, hee) is collecting are not colored eggs, but the plastic kind that can be filled with candy and small toys.  It's the first time he really got the idea to look for the eggs and put them in the bucket.  From the amount of eggs to find, I think the mama was having the most fun, providing the goodies and looking for the eggs, too.

The yard and flower garden aren't usually so beautifully green when Easter comes early. Spring and Easter were both early this year.

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