Saturday, August 3, 2013

July Hair

A lot of  things have been going on in July besides growing hair.
 Time is marching on, normal things are going on. My hair is growing.
 Lynette has been dying to get her hands on my seemingly slow growing hair and French braid it.
 It is finally long enough to get a braid to stay in while it is soaking wet.  

The hair is rather cute, too bad the rest of the head is still the same.  

Of course, by now I can't remember what I did most of the month of July.  That is another thing that helps me feel that life is a lot closer to normal this summer than last.  Time is doing more than marching along, it is flying.  
I do remember what we did the last week.  
My mom has been promising to come and help us freeze corn.  My folks came on Thurs.  We also had some very special ladies come, too.  So, we were full up.  The day before everyone came I had all three grandsons for the day while my daughter attended a CNA recertification class or something like that.  
So, we froze the corn on Thursday, and I cooked a late supper.  Friday was a free day and my folks left.  Saturday, our special friends left, and I spent the rest of the day getting ready for the Kleeb family reunion, which takes place every other year on the fourth Sunday in July.  
This year was our turn to plan the reunion, which simply entails finding a place to have it, arrange for drinks and seating, and be there in time to oversee the eating.  We rather failed in this, so someone else found the building, but we did the rest.  We gathered in Broken Bow, 60 of us this year, more than usual.  The third generation, the first cousins are almost gone.  There are only two or three left.  Some family we don't know anything about or where they are, or any way to contact them.  But the ones that were there, we knew and enjoyed the visiting.  I was dead tired when I got home and after eating out, (no cooking being done by me after that day), and I went to bed soon after.  
The surprise of the weekend, was my folks deciding to come back Sunday night and do another day of corn freezing on Monday.  (They hadn't gone all the way home, they had been at a school reunion.) That was a big day.  My mom is a glutton for punishment.  We did 21 dozen ears, and got 77 pints of corn.  It took most of the day.  
Now, I should be able to rest.  Not.
Unless you call driving three hours to Omaha restful.  I had another doctor visit that day.  The usual kind where they examine me all over my head and neck on the outside, and my nose and sinuses on the inside.  I also had an MRI since it has been a year since the first after surgery one.  They just scanned my head, so it didn't take very long.  I was so tired that I was able to relax.  
After that, we ate at Popeye's Chicken.  I don't know what it is about chicken places and spice.  The chicken was good, but the green beans about burnt my mouth off.  KFC's were like that, too.  Then we went to see our friend who is recovering from a bone marrow transplant.  He is looking good, but in the throes of adjusting meds, and fatigue, and hydration, and eating.  None is particularly easy or quick, but as with all life changing events, medical or otherwise, small steps is the only way it's going to happen.  And is he going up, not down.  
So, I rested on the way home.  I rested so well, I fell asleep and I made everyone else find their own dinner.  
on Wednesday, a week later, I rested.  

July Hair

P.S.  The scan results were: 
No change from the last time, and that's good news.


Darcie said...

I guess you could say that time flying is a very good indicator of normalcy...never thought of that until now.

So happy for your MRI results, I suppose just thinking about that is worrisome, but good to know you can put that worry to rest too. :-)

Renee said...

Simply LOVE the picture of you and Jim. Your hair is just adorable. And, SHELLEY,....those shoes!! I'm jealous...I loved mine but I finally had to ditch them. I just think it's amazing that you can still wear yours. They were so so comfy. Loved this update. We did corn too....heaps and heaps of it. It will taste so yummy this winter!

Anita said...

So now I wonder if there is an 'Aug Hair' post? ;) I'm rather behind again. I'll just have to plow on!
Seeing this post, though, makes me wonder how my CA friend is doing. She's been done with the rough chemo for a month and a half or so now so I reckon her hair is just starting to peek through??? Will have to ask! Glad to see yours is coming along so well!

Anita said...

ps- Good job Lynette! I'm not a lot of good at braiding little girls' hair...and this looks like it'd be similar. I hope you sit still like a good kid! ;)