Friday, August 30, 2013

August Hair

I've discovered some things about my hair.  Maybe these things are true about everybody's hair.  I just know that BC, my hair was very easy to deal with.  I just tossed it up into a french roll, and if it got messy or fell down, I could just do it again wherever I was.  I was happy with it.
the stuff is not the same on both sides of my head.  One side is definitely thinner, and it shows. And it slumps. One side curls very nicely, and if you look at that side it looks like I have very nicely behaving hair. 
It isn't so bad to deal with, really, and I can wet it and mousse it and fluff it up a bit, and call it good.  I do like to make sure the front is waving nicely, the way I want it, because it will wave not too nicely, the way I do not want it, if I don't.  
The strange thing is that now I see my mother in the mirror, because her hair waves this way.  Mine didn't used to.  

On the sinus front.  I still deal with mucus issues, and I have a feeling I may be dealing with them for the rest of my life.  However, since a year ago, I was just out of the hospital after a week's ordeal, it's not so bad. I just went back to read some of those posts, posted by someone else other than me.  Someone who was watching me struggle with pain and mucus and mouth sores.  Ugh. 
It hurts to think about those days, but it's nice to think about those who were standing by, helping me when I couldn't help myself.  

On the eating front.  I ate a hamburger last night,  ON A BUN!!  Actually, it was only half a bun, and a homemade one, and that "tastes" better.  I didn't really enjoy getting the last half down, but  stuck to it.  I need the nutrition.  I mean, eating real food is really boring. Usually, it is soup, soup, soup. (I like my soup, I make it myself.)  If it isn't pretty wet to begin with I have to drink to make sure it is.  Then it needs chewed and chewed and chewed.  I don't have the saliva to help with the breaking down process.  I enjoyed the sensation of eating it, but hamburger is rough, and it was hard on the inside of my mouth, which is still pretty tender, since I AM going to eat things at times that hurt it and when I get tired it is sore, too.    

I'm really not healed up on the inside.  I enjoyed (I'm not sure that is really the word I want) looking over the August 2012 posts.  The encouragement, the struggle, the people, the comments, the fact that it's OVER--that's the best part.

P.S. On another front, I am not losing weight anymore, and I may have gained a little and I still don't taste sweet things.  


Monica said...

Shelly: I'm so glad you are a survivor! Happy you have hair in time for convention this year! Wish we'd bump into each other - these miles are just too many between us. Thank you for being an inspiration and a faithful sister through the storm. Love, Monica Hertz

Bonita Sue said...

Yes, my mind goes back often to "a year ago now" too. What you went through is beyond description, and I'm so glad it's in the past.

Darcie said...

This post was a good reminder for me that sometimes its OK to look back...and see just how far forward we have come!