Thursday, September 12, 2013

Today I Am Tired

But not too badly.  I had some tea mid-afternoon to make sure I stayed awake.  
It was a beautiful day. I went to look after my grandsons at their house since Zane is now in Pre-K while my daughter had another class day.  I hoped we could have a decent day with a minimum amount of mess while carrying Christian around.  
And we did.  
I wish I could have taken more pictures.  But I didn't.  I didn't have enough hands.  Especially, when the perfect picture opportunity was at hand, I was carrying a baby, a water bottle, a child's hand, and no camera.  The camera was at the house.  
I wrote a little piece several years ago when my children were little and I didn't have a camera to hand one summer.  I wrote of all the things they did that I didn't have pictures so I would have a memory anyway.
  Today was like that.
It was a perfect fall day.  The sun was shining, the air was soft, there was no breeze.  We walked down to the mailbox, I suppose a quarter-mile, Zane pulling Barry in a plastic sled over the somewhat asphalt, mostly gravel lane leading down to the highway.  We meandered, we looked at rocks, at sunflowers, at golden rod. The boys ran. Is there anything more heart warming than to look down the lane, to see golden heads enjoying the day, their little legs carrying them along. For them life is happy, there are no worries, they are just enjoying being out, being able to run, knowing Gramma is watching.  
Coming back up that quarter-mile was pretty exhausting.  Especially since it was the second time we were over that road in three hours.  My arms were tired, but as we could see the house, Barry says, "hand", and we walked up the hill together.  

Barry alone with me (Christian doesn't ask for the same kind of attention), made sure I noticed him.  He wanted to play a game, told me to "sit", taps my head with an "uck", and then says, "oosh", realizing we were playing duck, duck, goose, I grabbed him, he was satisfied and the game was over. (He's a one word man).  He also stuffed his favorite "croc-a-dilly" into Zane's backpack and wanted me to zip it up, which I willingly did.  After a bit, he came to me with the backpack asking for a kiss, which I gave him, and he was ready to go 'side, to go to school.  I told him to go into another room and pretend, and that game was over soon, too.  What a cutie.  

Zane and Christian.


Gramma's Corner said...

Renee Grotz said, "Loved the picture of your day!!"

Gramma's Corner said...

Ruth McKnight said, "You create great word pictures! And your boys are so precious."

Gramma's Corner said...

Marilynn See said, "He is a cutie"

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Jenelle Snow said, "you are a super grandma Shelley.."