Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Happy Boy

A little boy spent his time at my house today.
A happy, smiling, talking boy.  
He bounces in his seat, he rolls on the floor, he grabs rings, he chews his socks (on his feet).
He is a a lot happier here than he would be at the zoo with the rest of the family.  He'll enjoy the zoo more another year.   
This is what we did today.


Chewed on toes.

Helped with Laundry.

Grabbed Rings.

Took a nap.

Found a new toy.

Took another nap, this time in Papa Tom's crib.

Rolled back to tummy.

Helped fold clothes.

I know at almost four months he doesn't have a lot of control, but it was nice to see him roll over and grab for toys.  Everything he can get goes into his mouth.  He spends a lot of time just kicking around. He doesn't cry much either, only when he's wet, tired or hungry.  
He's the smiliest baby I know.

And I love him.


Renee said...

The flat on his back sound asleep photo in the crib is adorable to say the least

Anita said...

You had a special day! :)