Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Grandkids in November

Since Zane has gone to school, (Pre-K), Barry, who is a "one word man" at the moment and gets the message across very well, actually, copies Zane in nearly everything he does.  
At our house the other day, Zane was lining up toy trees so Barry wanted to also.  Of course, that causes some difficulties since Zane isn't the best at sharing, but after a division of trees Barry lined his up and begins to count, "one, four, fifteen...". He knows now that you use those words when you line things up and point.  He knows when people ask, "what color is this?", you use other words, like blue or green.  He knows these other shapes, where Zane says, "ABCEFG...", that he should say, "ABC, ABC, ABC,". 
The things a second child learns, and so soon!
Barry at just two is at the toddler stage.  It's so cute to watch this age grow and learn, to get command over themselves and the language.  Of course, that command come with so much, "no", "me do it", and "me too", that needs guided into proper channels all the while the parent or grandparent goes berserk listening to the constant willful demands.
Zane is loving school, one of four in his class.  He gets breakfast and lunch, has learned to say and recognize his letters and numbers.  He has learned a myriad of action songs and loves to perform.  
I love these boys.  They are a trial sometimes, being too active and too smart for their own good. 
We can't forget Christian who at 5 months is hitching himself along with elbows and toes.  He's a fast traveler, albeit unconventional, getting where he wants to go, either right over the other boys' toys to get what he wants.  Then if he can hold it, it goes right into his mouth.  

Barry with Croca-dilly

Papa and the boys.

Zane at his Veteran's Day program convulsed the audience by speaking into the microphone as he walked by. Everyone else who took part in the program behaved conventionally.   


Darcie said...

OH' the joys of grandmother hood. :-)

Anita said...

This reminded me of one of my favorite quotes by a small child:
A small girl was sorting out her tights and leggings with her mom. At one point, she pointed to 1 stack and said "Mom, these have no feet" and then pointed to the other stack and said "And these have yes feet"! I love how her mind was figuring out what things go together! :)
And your little guys are so adorable! All that curly hair!!

Anonymous said...

Keep loving those little ones------they will have sweet memories!
Barb K.