Thursday, January 2, 2014

Looking Back to November Hair

Parts of me feel like I should be blogging oftener, but as I made this blog primarily for me, I just haven't felt like it, so I didn't.  The end of the year is a busy time with holidays, finishing up yearly office work, the end of school and special visits with special people.  I just didn't feel up to it.  I have most of my photos on my old computer where I am going through and sorting and printing them for a book for Lynette, but I spend most of my time on the laptop, and I need to do some different things.  Like start keeping 2014 photos on that computer. 
When I am busy I get too tired, and I don't get a lot of things done except sit on the couch and knit.  Blogging takes mind energy to sort and upload photos, and it just didn't get done.  

Here is a bit from November.  I hope to get caught up, but January is a busy month, too.  

November Hair

A lovely surprise limited edition print by Paul Sloan searched for by my daughter and paid for by my husband because I loved it on our Oregon trip. 

A photograph of the print itself.  It is a lovely thing, hanging now in my living room over a choice display of books.

Which I am now thinking it would be a lovely photo to post but it would mean getting up, finding the camera, taking the photo, downloading it to the computer, uploading it to blogger, so I'm not going to do it.  I'm tired.  This week I have been to Wisconsin, attended a birthday party, have company and the boys were here today.  


MEJ said...

Thanks for sharing the photos--and I do just really really love that picture. I'm looking forward to seeing it hang in your of these days!

Renee said...

That is a superly duper special picture. You will treasure it always! Love that picture of you! It was just a special treat to happen to see you the other day at Sapp Brothers!!!!

Sharon said...

So enjoyed your post and the picture. A treat for a bookworm like myself!

Anita said...

Your sentiments re blogging are my own- no obligations.
Hair's looking good!
That is indeed a lovely picture!
You were in WI!!! Now I'm jealous! ;-)

Darcie said...

What a precious picture! I can see why you love it! Blogging does take effort sometimes, huh? I feel that why now and again, and then other times I feel like it helps me unload all the words in my head. :-) Happy 2014!