Thursday, January 9, 2014

December Hair

As would be fairly obvious to those who know me, I am not at home.  We took a visit to see Jim's sister in Wisconsin, and I would like to put those photos on the blog, but not in a hair post.  So, you will just have to wait.  
I chose a back photo this time so you can see how long my hair is getting.  You can also see one of the problems I have with doing anything with it.  My hair has always been thinner and shorter on one side than the other and I am not sure if this is normal to what my hair used to be, or if it is radiation damage on that side.  Radiation is hard on hair follicles and I was warned that permanent hair loss was a very real possibility.  This disparity in length won't be a problem later, after while, SOMETIME.  
So, most of the time I just let it go and ignore the way it looks.  You know what somebody said, "I just lost my hair and can't do a thing with it."

It looks pretty good here.  It's all in the way you point the camera.  


The Chairman's Wife said...

Progress! And pretty!

Darcie said...

You can for sure see the growth month by month! Very nice.

I too appreciated your comment on my blog. I think that is one of the thing sometimes that hinders people from telling. Who to start with and how far you want news to go, and at what speed. I just feel it's always safe to tell children, especially adult children. I know for myself I want so desperately to be there for my parents, and I can only do that if I know. You for sure would have some advice on that issue. ((hugs)))

Anita said...

Hair and a piano!

Renee said...

It was just so fun to randomly run into you the other day, so I got to see your hair in person. Lucky me!