Friday, January 31, 2014

January Hair

This is a hair post and some other things post.  
Here I am in my bed, where I spent so much of my time after surgery and treatment.  The other part of my time was spent on our new couch, and that was it.  
My daughter took this photo, I was trying to get my new camera to flash, but that is another story for another day, and she managed it.  She has the same camera.  I was going to zoom in and use it for my January hair, but I was pleased with the way my corner looked.  It's where I am every night, wrapped in my shawl on cold ones with my lamp going to aid my aging eyes and the book I relax with.  I was in bed early.  Jim had been called out and I had a big day.  My bed is where I go when I'm not going to do anything more that day except decompress.  

Here's my better hair photo.  I couldn't resist the matching colors.  

And the back, and a glimpse in my china cupboard and the glassware I like.  

This is a pretty late January hair, but the photo was taken earlier, but I had an accident with my laptop that involved water.  It is still in the shop, but the hard drive seems to be in order so all is not lost and we are hopeful that it can be repaired.  
I do have another computer, but I don't like it as well for ease of use.   


Anita said...

Ooooo- laptops and water. Those things really should be waterproofed.....
I love the cupboard and glassware! And the hair! It's cute. :-)

Darcie said...

Your little spot looks comfy cozy! I am lovin' my flannel sheets, and when bedtime comes calling this winter.