Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day

Which was yesterday, but this is what we did with the weekend.  I'm getting less interested in celebrating holidays on the day specified.  I do so many things in a week, and just trying to keep up with regular housekeeping after the few outside things I do (babysitting and knitting group) that I get so tired just thinking these days and trying to keep ahead.  I would like to get to more de-cluttering, but it is only a very little at a time project at the moment.
Besides, one of my friends has a daughter that said... 

"Because we love each other we don't have to celebrate only one day a year.  We can celebrate every day!" I like that idea,says her mom, and I like it, too. 

Even though Jim has never been much of a "let's spend lots of money on candy and flowers for Valentine's Day" guy, he would do it if I reminded him.  I don't need flowers and candy to know he loves me.  He gets my water when I am tired and too lazy to get it. He makes me cocoa after a long day to have with my snack.  He makes supper on the days I just can't find the energy to do it.  He makes gooey scrambled eggs just the way I like them.  
He does lots of things for me, and I am thankful every day.  

So, what did we do Valentine's weekend?
We went skiing.  Well, everyone else went skiing, I just went.
This is the weekend our public school has parent teacher conferences so when the kids were younger we went to Wyoming to ski on that weekend for years.  As time went on and grandchildren came and kids grew up, and I had cancer, things changed and I didn't always go, and Jim would take Lynette and go at different times and with other friends.  
But, this year it worked out, that this was the weekend.  
And I came along.  I was looking forward to a day in the motel, working on projects all by myself.  I made a bunch of cards I had ready for gluing and put some old photos in an album.  I knitted some, read some, and ate some of the red velvet cake I brought along (with cocoa).  

The second day Jim took Lynette and Anthony up to the mountain and came back again to spend the day with me.  We drove around and went to a few stores and had some lunch and went back up the mountain to wait until they were done.  

I love this house!!

Looking over Laramie.

Jim is lucky to have a wife that likes looking around farm stores. 

On the road to Snowy Range. 

Skiers, way too busy having fun to have a photo. 

Before we left for the weekend, we went to see Zane do his cup -stacking during the halftime of the basketball game.  The "little stackers" as they are called, practice twice a month after school.  This time, the group did a relay race, stacking and gathering up both big and little cups.  


Darcie said...

What a perfect little getaway! Sometimes there is nothing better then relaxing/crafting in a new place, and with the comfort of cake and cocoa, how can you go wrong? Happy 'heart' day...everyday!

Renee said...

I love going to Murdochs...they often times have wonderful skirts!

Anita said...

I think we have the same idea about skiing! :-)