Sunday, March 1, 2015

Old Stories

I could say we are one-sixth done with the year but keeping that up will soon get depressing.  I have been spending the last half of the month sorting through all the doubles of the photographs I've saved from the days we took film in to be developed and received back again negatives and two of each photo. 
I also sorted through a bunch of old photos from my childhood, discarding the bad ones and some there were too many of, sorting many that need new homes, and finding in them some more projects for me.  
I've been viewing photos, not taking them.  One of the things I ran across was this little book with proofs of some of my earliest photos.  
These were taken one month before I was a year old.  
The book I found them in was, well...
just plumb cute 
and held together by a red metal binder thingy.

These were taken back in the days when a photographer would set up shop in JC Penney's and everyone would come get photos of their kids.   
There wouldn't be any specific "one year" photos, you got photos when the photographer was there. 

The order form is interesting, especially the prices.

And here I am...

The first photo of the next group is the one that I've seen around.  I don't have it, I hope Mom still does. 

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Darcie said...

Sounds like you are having a productive winter! What an absolutely fun find for you!! And what an adorable baby!