Monday, March 9, 2015

You Don't Know What This Means to Me!

 No, I can't know what this means to him.  I don't think I have anything in my life that is as important as this is.  
You can get a glimpse of what it means by the look on Jim's face.  

This is the 1951 John Deere B that Jim's dad bought brand new.  It was the only tractor he ever bought brand new.  It's been out of the family for nearly 35 years.  His dad sold it at the farm sale when he retired.  Jim has wished that tractor was ours for nearly all of that time.  We knew where is was, but it has always been too hard to find the money and the time to buy it.  To us, we knew it was worth more than we could afford to pay.  In those days, we were raising children and old tractors don't often fit into the budget.  

It's ours now.
We can hardly believe it.  
This afternoon, the renters that rent the farm that Jim grew up on, drove up to the shop this afternoon with this tractor on a trailer for Jim to look at.  Jim says, "That's the same kind my dad had,"  
"It IS your dad's"
"How much do you want for it," says Jim.
"It's yours," says our renter.  

What can you say to that?  
What can you possibly say to someone who has given you a dream you've had for decades? 
You can say "thank you," but it is more than that. You can say, "You don't know what this means to me." 
It's the kind of thing for which there are no words.

What bunch of guys doesn't love Old Iron?

And, the best of all.  I found a photo of the original owner.  


Brenda said...

That is SO awesome!!!!

Dodie said...

Awww!! That just makes my throat go lumpy, even though I wouldn't recognize it from any other old tractor. It's just the whole deal... the wishing for it, and the reality of receiving it! Wow.

Bonita Sue said...

Oh my, that is just unbelievable. I know how much Jim always wanted that tractor, but who would guess your RENTERS would make that wish come true. They obviously think they have a pretty good landlord!

Anita said...

That is so amazing!
My dad would totally understand.

The Chairman's Wife said...

What a neat story!

Renee said...

Aww, Shelley, this is just the BEST story!! Jim's happy smile says it ALL.

Njos Family said...

What a special story - I love it. My Dad could totally relate.

Anonymous said...

That is just totally amazing--awesome! I am just thrilled for you guys--what a special thing to get it back, and what a wonderful thing for someone to do! wow! MJ

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, and how wonderful that you found that picture too! (Does that help having all those millions of pictures a little easier? :D ) MJ

Luanne said...

Shelley, this is absolutely wonderful! I will share the story with Rod tonight , he will completely understand Jim's huge grin.

Kerry and Janna said...

Kleenex please,
I am speechless....
simply an amazing act of kindness and love. My youngest son would completely understand your Jim.