Sunday, March 8, 2015

A New Way In

Several weeks ago Jim started on the project to put a new door into the garage from outside the front of the house. It involved tearing out the brick planters in the front of our big picture window and cutting out the brick from the garage wall.  
When Jim redid the garage last spring before graduation, he framed out the door ready for this and sheetrocked over it.  So, now all he had to do was cut out the sheetrock on the inside and install the door. 

Jim had a friend come and help with the finish brick work around the door and learned well enough to finish it himself.


Renee said...

THAT was no small task. It looks GREAT now !

Dodie said...

Hey that looks really nice! Now on to the front steps??

Anita said...

And it looks like one of those things you'll be glad for every day!

Bonita Sue said...

That's my handy little brother!