Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 3, 2015

...a day we looked toward, with excitement, anticipation and nervousness on the part of my daughter and worry and nervousness on mine.  

This is the day she flies out of the country, to stay for 6 weeks in a land where English is not the native language.  
I know she's capable.  
I know she's studied Spanish.
I know she's looked forward to this day since she knew where Europe was.  
Moms worry, in spite of all this.  

Her flight to Atlanta was delayed over a half hour.  

We stayed to watch her fly away into the wild, blue yonder.  

I was okay until I saw this plane get smaller and smaller in the distance.  
And then, I felt all gone inside.  

She'll be okay.  

And so will I, when she gets home. 


Anita said...

Hang in there Mom!

Darcie said...

Those are always the hard days, when you want to pull them close, but you know you have to let them fly! She will do great.

Anita said...

Her time is about half over, I think. How is everyone doing?