Thursday, July 30, 2015

Only One More Day...

...of July.  This year has gone so quickly, I feel like I'm always a month behind.  This year is now over half gone.
I am glad that it has gone quickly in busyness.  I have accomplished many things and enjoyed many things.  

My flower garden looks the best it has EVER done.  I had the will and desire in early 2012 but I had cancer instead.
I've been canning, keeping up the house, knitting, cooking, resting.  Normal stuff.  Things I used to take for granted.  
I have been especially thankful this month for a little pill used to boost the hormone level the thyroid isn't producing.  I have so much more energy and a better state of mind now.

 This month Zane played soccer a couple weeks as part of our Park and Rec Program and I went to watch.
I also got some Gramma time as well.

My daughter is still in Spain.  It was hard for her to adjust to life over there at first.  There's money, language, food, culture, home life.  Things are shaking down there and she's travelling all over and really enjoying herself.  
She visited Christopher Columbus' grave site one trip. 

In other news.  This cute little prickly succulent has a little bloom on it.  It was given to me on Mother's Day by my son (I should have warned you to hang on to your chair) and it had two little blooms on it.  This thing needs hardly any water so it's perfect for my method of caring for in-house plants and it has rewarded me with another flower.  

My grandsons who visit frequently since they only live 15 miles away, see me often.   This time they got to see Papa and really have fun. 

One of our employees grew up on a wheat farm.  He took a couple days off to help his father harvest his wheat and brought us back some wheat cereal from the mill down there. 

Real wheat, cute sack.  


Renee said...

I am very happy your little tiny pill gives you some get up and go! You are a busy lady and having the gumption to get it all done is important! AND the little sack of wheat is quite a quaint and delightful gift I say!!

Bonita Sue said...

Love the posts. When you're far away, you love the glimpse into the homelife of your loved ones.