Friday, July 17, 2015

June With a Little Bit of July

I seem to having a road block about blogging these days.  Actually, I am having a road block about a lot of things.  It is partly because I am spending a great deal of this summer on the road for doctor visits.  It is also partly because I am letting perfectionism rear it's ugly head and it stymies me.  
(I'm not really sure you're supposed to make stymie plural.)

Love these jeans with the little handkerchief in the pocket.  

Swim lessons--Zane

Barry and Christian played in the baby pool during Zane's lessons

Swim Lessons--Barry

I've always wondered what a Chautauqua was like and Jim and I went this year and listened Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I think we'll go again to those speakers we are most interested in. It was really interesting.

Lynette got a new camera and was trying out her remote. 

Now, the little bit of July actually started in June with a BBQ and firework celebration and Lorene's. We stayed for their little town's firework display and enjoyed it immensely.  We were able to sit practically right under the display and then were able to drive right out of there since there weren't hundreds of people in the parking lot.  Part of our group walked home and may other townspeople did as well.  I think we need to make this a yearly event. 

The next celebration we lit this cute thing the boys picked out just for Papa.  

July 3

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Renee said...

The turbo tractor awesome!! Your blog is wonderful...don't worry about perfection!!