Friday, August 7, 2015

The First Week of August

I started out the month with a bunch of old and dear friends at a "quilting retreat." I'm not sure how much retreating happens when this bunch gets together, especially since we forayed into the junk/antique shops the second day.  I don't have any photos of actual quilting going on, but there was some work done.'

I do love to go in junk shops.  They are as better than a museum for remembering my "days gone by".

I had skates similar to these, we skated all over our sidewalks and streets and I was always wishing for "boot skates."

My grandma had dishes something like these. 

or these.

And this,  

I don't know if Mom's frosted glasses where this pattern, but something like these.

Mom did have that measuring cup, it fact I believe she still uses it.  We didn't have that collapsible cup, but other people did. 

Nut grinder. 

When I decided that the two-bell alarm clocks were too noisy and a pain in the neck to look after, I had one of these. 

Our lunch boxes were a little nicer than this, but still metal. 

My sister got her hair tangled in one of these.  I didn't. 

And I'm sure everybody's mom had this print of corning wear, if you are over 50, that is. 

Even though I had a great time looking all over that store, I got tired before everyone else, so I went into the adjoining coffee shop and had one, 
hot chocolate, that is.

From the quilting/junking trip I made a hop, skip and jump to my folks to celebrate my dad's 80th birthday.  

Mom made a chocolate cake with White Mountain Frosting.

Then we ate it. 

I couldn't think of a gift for my dad, so I gave him what he likes best, some of my time. 
Ont of the best gifts in life, is the time you spend with your family,

On a final note, the only good thing about an eggplant is a photo.


Renee said...

Uncle Tom is EIGHTY? Impossible it seems!! Yes, I agree, the ONLY good thing about an eggplant is a photo. What a clever writer you are!! The first picture on the lineup of your after- the- storm - glow is simply beautiful!!

Anita said...

Fun post.
I'll take your eggplant! Yummy!