Monday, August 31, 2015

Let's Take a Day...

...just for us.  

We took Zane and Barry to Hasting one day in late August.  We should do more of this, but we didn't.  Part of that was me having surgery at the first end of summer and then spending a lot of time driving to doctor's the rest of it.

we did take them.  I thought they would like to see the Panda movie on the super screen there, which they did. 
We also stayed to see the movie about Galapagos Island, which was a little more entertaining since there were more animals than just pandas.  
In between  movies we had time to play at the park.  I love park photos. The sun is bright, the colors are popping and we're all having fun.  

While we were at the park, Zane found a cicada coming out it it's shell.  We watched awhile, played awhile and watched some more.  It takes a long time for the critter to get himself out.  They are really ugly during this process, too, the wings aren't in evidence at all.  And then, it was so pale looking!  I'm used to to seeing darker ones.  We eventually found on the same tree one all dried out.  It was pale, too, a light tan color.  But, then it was time to go in and find out about Galapagos tortoises and we left it to finish by itself.  

Now that school's in session, there are only two boys at home during the day.

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Anita said...

They look like constant motion! And what a nice day you all had. With them being such blondies, they just go perfectly with such a sunny summer day!