Monday, September 14, 2015

Finished At Last

Like many of us, it is easier to start a project than finish it.  We started this project about the first of March and due to a few circumstances beyond Jim's control and due to some within his control, the entry way is finished at last.  (Well, except for the handrail and the screen door, but the hard work is done.)
Life does have a way of interfering such as surgeries, visiting, birthdays, grandchildren, but the worst part of the job according to Jim was cleaning all the brick.  Reusing the brick from the planters to do this project was the only option, since this brick hasn't been available for at least 30 years. 

June--Building up the decorative wall. 

August--Setting the capstone 

With my help 

September--Jim has filled the pillars with concrete, fixed the conduit so it is accessible in the future and is ready to put the caps on the pillars. 

Finished! Outside in. 

And inside out. 

I love it.


Anita said...

Looks really nice! :-)

Janna said...

That looks awesome!

Dodie said...

Well now...I never thought about the nasty job of cleaning the brick! I love the low steps, easy entry, etc... Now the rail and new door... your older meeting people are just really going to appreciate it! Thanks for posting!

Renee said...

Well now that is just dandy but the very best picture is cute little you being a helper!! :)

Darcie said...

AMAZING! Don't we love out husbands hard work for us!