Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Forth

Oh, I should have waited a few days, since it's the first. 

Resolutions 2016

This springlike weather we've been having inspired me to get out and start walking again a couple of days ago.  Another blog I follow had such a bad start to the year, they've chosen March 1st to be the New New Year and having chosen their resolutions.  I'm just starting again since I had other things to worry about in February.
Speaking of worrying, one of the ladies in my Tuesday knitting group keeps close track of my ear troubles. She always wants to know how I'm doing.  As a cancer survivor herself, she knows what it feels like to have cancer and treatment.  Last week, I was being my usual cheerful and deaf self and she was wondering how my post-op visit went and I told her it was fine, I'm fine, and she says, "no you're not, you're worried about what's next".  
Well, maybe I am about 4:00 in the morning and I can't get to sleep, but I wasn't worried about it then.  I am extremely thankful that I have been blessed with a fairly cheerful spirit.  I don't spend my time worrying about what's next because I don't really know what's next and there is no sense trying to imagine it.  Whatever happens next I will deal with and worry about it then.  

I decided to keep notes on things that happened this week that were different from the normal things I do every day.  
It was windy, it was springlike, I saw two robins, I hung clothes on the line, I made a strawberry pie in which the crust fell on the floor after I baked it (I had just scrubbed it) and the pie itself fell upside down on the floor last night (onto the plastic wrap thank goodness) when it was half gone.  
I made two batches of strawberry jam and one batch of grape jam from frozen fruit and juice from some frozen tomatoes.  (That's when I scrubbed the floor)
I also wore too short socks with my leggings and I have no idea how women (and girls) can run around sockless.  My ankles were freezing.  

I cooked a bunch of beef liver for the cats and dog and the ox-tail for the dog as part of my cleaning out the freezer project, but I'm not sure how interested anyone will be with that. 

Photos for the week:


This is Jim 

These are the first to come up next to the house on the west side. 

Fruits of my labor.
I didn't take any pictures of the liver. 

February 28th 

Christian and Zane 

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Renee said...

I love your cheerful spirit...I feel like I have one too, and I thank Grandma Marian for it, don't you?