Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Scrambled Up

I seem to be lost today.  Lost in a sea of what to do next.  Yesterday we went to Omaha to another doctor's appointment.  I got a good report on my incision, new ear plugs, and another appointment in a month to be evaluated for a BAHA (bone anchored hearing aid) which is an external hearing aid that snaps on to an implant anchored onto the bone behind my left ear.  It is the only option unless I just have one ear to hear with and poor hearing at that.   The large hole in my ear drum that was exacerbated by the most recent infection, means stuff that usually drains down the Eustachian tube will drain out my ear and a 'normal' hearing aid won't work under those conditions. If my hearing can be restored to that ear, it will make a big difference. 
I spent Saturday baking and cooking and even though I had company the rest of the weekend. It seems like over Monday my 'things to do' pile has expanded.  There is nothing that tires me out so much as all the little things that need put away.  It's a mental thing, I think. 
I tried some new recipes this weekend.  I made a coconut cake that has boiled sugar water poured over it right after it's baked.  Jim loves it.  I can't eat coconut because it is too stringy and hard to chew up and I choke on it.  My other success was a scrambled egg casserole that can be made the day before.  The ham and onion needs to be saute'd before the eggs are put in.  Unfortunately, I forgot to watch carefully and they scorched.  I put the eggs in and decided I couldn't serve it for company so we ate it for lunch, picking out the burned bits. I used 28 eggs that day.  We ate 5 for breakfast, 9 in the casserole for lunch, 9 in the casserole for the company, 3 in the coconut cake, 1 in some sugar cookies,  and one down the sink.  
You know, when I added that up, I forgot the 2 eggs I put in the buns that were an afterthought.  That makes 30! It's a good thing that our chickens are laying well. 
Jim has been working on an old 'B' John Deere that belong to his dad.  It's one of those projects where "I'll just do this little bit to make it run better", that turns into one where one things leads to another.

Getting ready to paint.   

It was foggy on Monday.  Really foggy.  The barn (which you can barely see) is 280' from the house. 1/20th of a mile. 

The sunset is different every day.   
I love having such good views of the sunrise and sunset from our house.

These ear plugs should be called 'ear protectors'.  They don't go into the ear canal, they seal it off.  I cannot get water into the left ear.  The large hole just invites infection to come in.  I'm tired of the cotton ball/vaseline method. 

Resolution Report Card
Walking: 4 out of 7 with one office cleaning day
Clean office on Friday: done
Do office work in the office: done
Letters and Cards: 6
Blogging: done
Piano: not bad


Renee said...

Woo hoo. Your Resolution Report Card is impressive. Especially the Letters and Card grade!!!!!!

Dodie said...

Wish my report card looked that good! But since mine isn't out for public consumption, I'll just continue to hope next week is better!
Hope you have a good "rest of the week"!

Anita said...

Glad the ear is doing better!
All those eggy things sound yummy!