Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Blogging on Wednesday (Instead of Tuesday)

 I forgot to blog on Tuesday.  
Of course, this blog is really being written for my convenience not readers so that shouldn't really matter.  I was supposed to be testing myself to see if I could hold to a schedule and since a couple weeks ago I blogged on Monday, and this week I'm blogging on Wednesday, that isn't working very well at the moment.  
All I remember about yesterday is that we were expecting an enormous storm that was going to blow us off the map, which thankfully didn't turn out to be as bad as it might have been and we just got rain.  2 inches overnight and another 0.40" today.  
I wasn't feeling very well that day either.  I think I knitted too much when I should have been up and doing.  
We've been doing some outside work.  Saturday, Jim and I cleaned up a little spot in back of the shop to finish his tree planting project.  I planted spinach and Jim planted another two rows of sweet corn.  It doesn't take very long the way he does it.  

I had the boys Friday for a bit and it was the most gorgeous day of the whole week.  I don't have very many photos.  Those boys keep me running so I don't have time to take any.  They played the whole time in our sand circle (where the pool used to be) while I pulled the weeds out of it.  We have a little sit-upon excavator toy and we didn't have any fights over it.  Luckily they all took turns with that, the sand, the rocks, the digger, and the 'heavy equipment', aka Tonka toys.  

Our apple trees are easy to climb and I wish I had a photo of Zane way up in the far apple tree.  Christian was so nearly into this one.

Barry was having so much fun just swinging.  Those are Barry's legs. 

And here comes Zane for his turn on this tree. 

I thought our new front step area would be a good place to take a photo of all this boys.  It is a good place and they were surprisingly compliant.  

I had the 'little boys' this morning since their mama had orientation for her Occupational Therapy Assistant program she starts in the fall.  Due to time constraints, and previous plans, I drove up to her place through the rain and after breakfast and a change of clothes, we drove back to Gramma's through the same rain and made a mess of the inside of the house instead of playing outside.  I can't remember one thing we did except get out the Fisher Price house, the Lincoln logs, the playmobil, the lego game, Blokus, and Outburst in-between drinking chocolate milk, roasting marshmallows in the fireplace and making pancakes for lunch.  I think Christian played with the house for a little bit and eventually they brought the doll strollers upstairs to push babies for two minutes, So, then we had to put all the un-played with toys away again when mama came.  
Thankfully, their disinterest in playing with the toys came before any of the boxes were dumped, so that wasn't a very big job.

It's supposed to rain some more this week.  

Time is too slow for those who wait, 
too swift for those who fear, 
too long for those who grieve, 
too short for those who rejoice, 
but for those who love...Time is ETERNITY

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Renee said...

You THINK you blog for yourself, and I guess you do, but there's a few of us that check in to see if you are holding to your schedule ! Ha ha...not to be a watchdog, but rather to enjoy your writing talents. Your days with your three precious grandboys sound wonderfully fun....and exhausting!!