Tuesday, April 19, 2016

It's Wet Out There

I've just come from looking at another friend's blog.  She loves Mondays.  I do too.  It started back in the day when Monday was payday.  I could get my money in order for the week and it felt good.  Now, payday is later in the week, and Monday is usually my busiest day because I get all fired up to get lots of things done and often do them.  It seems like my plan is to work hard, especially with the business side of things earlier in the week, crash and burn, then rest on Thursday and Friday, with a rekindling on Saturday, another rest on Sunday and I'm back in the harness on Monday to start all over again. 

It rained here.  Saturday.  ALL DAY.
It's a good thing really.  We have been very dry.  The wind has been blowing every day.  One day we had 50 mph winds and the dust blowing off the construction sites created 'brown outs'.  I didn't hang out the sheets I washed because even if they would have stayed on the line, they would have been full of dust.  So, we were happy for the rain.  It was one of those nice soaking rains that really did some good.  I went out Saturday to do some errands and on my way stopped to get the mail and the rain blew some drops into my ear.  I didn't realize the wind would blow the rain in my open window so fiercely and my immediate thought was, "Oh, no, I'm not supposed to get water in my ear!"
I worried all day, thought my ear felt wet, imagined all sorts of scenarios: would I get an infection, a fungus, how soon should I go to the doctor?  At the end of the day, we puffed in some of my leftover fungicide powder that if not effective as a medicine should succeed in drying up any water.  
It seems to have worked.  
I think I need to protect that ear when I go out from rain and dust.  Not that we will likely see rain again for awhile.  We got 6+" over two days and that is about half of our annual rainfall.  
(Well, not really, but it seems like it.)

Sunday was Jim's birthday.  My folks came to visit and we had most of the family over for supper that night to eat and talk and distribute gifts.  

Zane and Barry colored pictures for cards for Papa, but Christian had a bad day and didn't make one.

We've been trying for a few weeks to burn this great big pile of trees and stuff.  The first time Jim tried to get a burn permit was the last time we had snow on the ground, but was refused because it was supposed to get windy, it didn't.
That rankled in his soul for the days after so he went right down today and got his desired permit.  Today is a good day because it rained (and rained, and rained some more), so it was too wet to be in danger of spreading and to wet to do any underground construction work.  
It was a bit hard to get it started.  Jim used some dry boards from the shop.

Fire starting on a foggy morning. 

Then the sun came out. 

The fire burns. 

The fire dies down and the clouds come up. 

I'm glad that eyesore is out of our line of vision.

And, I'm still waiting on news for implant surgery.

And in honor of tax day:


Renee said...

Oh wow, I can understand how you would've felt fretful after getting a rain shot right directly in your ear. The birthday pictures were fun....Think Jim beat me to 54! I love your red barn!

Darcie said...

I use to be a lover of Mondays too! I can't quite tell you what my favorite day is anymore...feels like it changes all the time now. Happy Birthday to your husband!