Thursday, May 5, 2016

It's Thursday Today

I'm sitting here in my favorite spot on the couch, blogging on Thursday and watching contractors tear part of the neighbors house apart.  
I have a good excuse for not blogging on Tuesday.  
I was in a rental crossover thingy driving to a memorial service 5 hours away with 3 grandkids and their mama.  
We would have taken this trip in my daughter's van except in the eleventh hour it decided it didn't want to go and we had to scramble for a new plan which resulted in the rental.
Those boys are really good travelers, only in the very last hour on the way home did they express their extreme tiredness of the trip.

I have more things to do this week than I can get done, literally.  Some things are just not going to get done and house-members and visitors are just going to have to adjust. 
I missed two days with this trip.  Lynette has moved home for two days to wash, sort and pack before she moves into her first apartment.  
I will want to see said apartment and perhaps take some photos.  
I have visitors coming this weekend (not for the whole weekend).
A garage sale is planned for next weekend.
A new month has started which means business bills need to be paid and accounts need to be balanced.
The basement is an absolute disaster with packing, sorting and garage sale mess (plus the normal mess that I was planning to take care of last winter) scattered around.
There is a denim quilt partly sewn that is lying on the floor in pieces.
Resting has to be done or I won't enjoy any of the rest of the week.
Meals have to be cooked, clothes need to be washed, all those little things that seem to roost on flat surfaces have to be put away.  
One guest room still needs to be put in order.
Today, then, I decide what are the most important things to do and what things will just have to wait.
As of right now, the rental is returned, the most important business stuff in taken care of.  The laundry is in.  Supper is leftovers.  
What is left to do is make a path through the basement and order the guest room.  
The rest of the things will get done as I have strength and time. 

Pictures for the week

 Early Mother's Day gift from my oldest daughter!
Barry picked out the lovely blue dish.

A glimpse into the neatest part of the basement with quilt and background of the play area.  

Blogging and resting are the same thing in my book.

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