Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Busy Days

What a day, what a week this has been!
Now, if I can remember it. 
I did a lot of things this week including finishing two rag quilts, throw size, putting them in the washer to fray them and ruining the pump.  
You think I would learn.  Sigh.
So, I have been doing no laundry most of the week, which came to a crisis this evening necessitating a visit to the laundromat so Jim has jeans and we both have underwear for the morrow.  
I thought we could make it but the weekend and holiday intervened and the new pump didn't come in today.  It will come in tomorrow.  
I celebrated getting those quilts done (before the pump died) by cleaning my sewing area and getting all my mending and altering done and starting to repair a quilt top I found in my grandma's quilting things after she died.  

Cute pincushion handmade and given to me by a dear friend. 

I've been weeding in my flower gardens and not knitting because my wrist has been hurting.  We have been restructuring our flower gardens to reduce the size. I haven't been able to keep up.  We got the first stage done yesterday. 

It's been raining about everyday.  Not very much, but enough to put a damper on any outside plans.  I made a plan for our family to meet at the farm to have a picnic on Memorial Day.  The weather report showed chances of rain and storms for every day through the weekend.  I remembered then that anytime I ever make plans for Memorial Day it rains, so I wasn't too sure if we would end up with a picnic at the farm or in my living room.   

When I was a kid we went to put flowers on the graves of my dad's family.  It turned into a mini family reunion/picnic in the town where my dad grew up.  It wasn't a tradition in my mom's family or in Jim's.  We go up to his folk's graves every few years when it's not raining.  The most successful time we had was when we decided in the morning, "Let's go pick some flowers and run up to Broken Bow." And we did.  It was cloudy that day, but it wasn't raining. 

So, I spent a lot of time getting ready for that picnic, cooking and packing because we were going to a place with no running water, no power, and 45 minutes from home.  
I forgot several things, including the hotdogs, a long handled turner, something to serve the burgers and brats, plastic ware, napkins and cups, relish, ranch dressing and heavy duty rags.
I did have plates, paper towels, water (for washing and drinking), and a son and a daughter that left later than we did and was able to bring the things I remembered, which was the table service.
We duct taped the dessert server to marshmallow skewer/roaster thingy so we could turn the burgers.
I looked up what to call the things you roast marshmallows on, and one site just calls it a stick, metal, wood whatever, a stick. 

We had perfect weather and and we had a really good time.  We kept watch on the weather, which meant someone walking to the top of the hill or standing on the cab of the pickup.  As it got later, we packed most everything up.  When the dark clouds started rolling in at sunset, we packed up the rest and drove home.  I'm going to do another blog post for that day because I have lots of photos I want to use.  

I thought I would put one on here from the day for everyone's entertainment. 

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Renee said...

LOVE the photo and the upcoming blog post is going to be a good one I'm sure. You better figure out a new way to fray your throw/quilts I do believe!!