Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Life Happens Everyday

May has been an extremely busy month and we are only half-way through.  We've had memorials, graduations, doctor's appointments, kids moving in and out, company, concerts, and birthdays. I'm also working on a knitting and a sewing project. And we had a garage sale. Besides, all this the people around here think they need to eat every day and have clean clothes so I still have to do all the rest of the usual life things.  

I decided there should be more photos of me out there so we have a few today.  

Zane, spring concert. 

Christian, birthday gifts from Auntie. 

Three years old. 

He still thinks he's my boy, and I love it.  

I just love this photo, who wouldn't? 

I think this boy had a pretty good haul. 

That C-boy of ours is a real sweetie at the moment.  Several of us chipped in for his big present, that kitchen set which he loves.  We have way too many dishes for our own kitchen set so I wrapped up some for Christian and handed him the gift when we got to their house.  
He took it and said, "This is for me?", just like he wasn't expecting presents.  
It melted my heart.  He was so happy and smiling and thankful for all his gifts.

There is another new thing going on in our house.  Jim has been suffering from plantar fasciitis for some months and the pain has become simply untenable.  So, we went to the doctor and besides the usual things like exercises, ice and painkillers (the first two aren't happening) and the unusual thing is the boot.  The idea behind the boot is to keep the foot straight so the muscle doesn't stretch and 
re-inflame.  In the few days he's had this boot it seems like it is making a difference, especially with the lack of sleep at night.  
However, his heel is some better and he is getting used to sleeping with the boot. 

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Anita said...

Pretty sweet pic of the birthday boy and his kitchen!