Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Gramma Again

Some people write beautiful words of prose when a new baby arrives in their family.  
I feel them, but I can't seem to write them.
Rest assured, I feel them in my heart when I hold a little tiny perfect new baby in my arms. 

We are now the grandparents of a granddaughter.  
Not another grandson, a little girl this time.  
Paislee Annette was born August 10th, a little early but perfect.  
Perfect in size, perfectly cuddly, perfectly beautiful. 

These aunties are pretty pleased with their new niece.

These cousins, except Zane, aren't so sure about this tiny little creature that their mommy 
loves so much.

Of course, Gramma and Papa are pretty impressed as well.  

Mom and Dad with new baby.  

I love this photo of my son.  He always love little baby things.  
This one is his.

A little sweetie.

This is just gorgeous.

There was something so special watching Zane holding this new little piece of humanity.  
"She's so tiny," he says.
"Look at her little fingers, even with fingernails, and look at mine,"
His hands looked so big compared to Paislee's.  
He's not very old, but old enough to appreciate the beauty of new life. 


Renee said...

She is just so tiny and precious. Love her name. Congratulations on your very first granddaughter!!!

Bonita Sue said...

Love all the Paislee pictures!

Anita said...

Congrats to you all! She's beautiful!

Dodie said...

Love every picture here, and hope there will be more to follow!!

Darcie said...

Precious, precious, precious!!!