Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Grandmothering--The Best Job

I started a new job yesterday.  
Grandmothering isn't really a job of course, actually, yes it is.  I've always felt that mothering children is a job. It's a privilege to have that job, to help unknowing little people grow into wise adults.  
It's a lot harder than you think before you've done it. 
I have the privilege to make sure that two little ones eat breakfast and get to school and watch the one left at home until time for the preschooler to come home. 
It's the opportunity for me to know those little people a little better and for them to know me. 

First day of school.
Zane--2nd Grade

Play time before and after Barry came home from school.

We had Barry overnight for the first time in his memory.  He has stayed over with Zane but before he remembers.  He's been wanting to so he came.  He's more of a 'home-body' than Zane so we made sure to keep him busy and avoided any mention of home. 

He loves to spend time with both of us. 

One of two frogs living in our pond. 

Barry came to visit with corn on the cob for supper, his favorite.

 Barry and Charlie

Barry got a new ball that lights up when it's caught. It can't be seen in the daylight so after Barry spend a while learning how to catch well, we tried it inside in the semi-darkness to watch the light show as we caught the ball.  
Later Jim and Barry went outside when in was darker to play, but trying to catch a ball in the dark that only lights up when it's caught is futile.  You're much more likely to get hit in the face.  

Flowers from a child are the best gifts.

Nearing the end of his visit, we fed the fish off the bridge at the Archway. 


Nathan's little girl. 


Renee said...

Your grandboys are such lucky little chaps to have you and Jim as Grammy and Grampy!

Anita said...

I was just thinking, too, how lucky everyone involved is. What precious kiddos!