Saturday, November 12, 2016

Better Early Than Late

My dear people.
I would like to be all impressive and say it is 5:00 am, all my morning work is done
and I am blogging.  
But, I'm not.  
Not blogging, Not 5:00 am.
It could have been, since I was up at 4:15 am to see hubby off to hunt deer. 
However, the truth of the matter is, it is now 7:15 am, no housework has been done and I am sitting here in my jammies having wasted all this time playing computer games. 
(I will have a nap this afternoon, guaranteed.)

I have been thinking about blogging for several days, but I had reasons that it didn't get done. 

I started a new knitting project this week.  I shouldn't have, but yarn lying around calls to me, and if I don't have any lying around, it starts calling from the store, "buy some more, buy some more".  

Lorene was sick this week, so she stayed home from school and watched her own boys who also didn't have school because of some electrical problem at the school.  I took her some chicken noodle soup, homemade.  

Thursday I went to my surgical oncologist in Omaha and had a brief visit there, no concerns at all.  That always feels good, We left at 7 for our 10:45 appointment, and had time to pick up supplies for the business. From there we stopped at a nursery to price trees, and on to a see a guy who sells wood-burning furnaces.  That was a trip out of the way so we were home again 12 hours later, and I didn't blog.  

Last night I started cooking about 4 pm, after making cards all afternoon so I couldn't blog then either. I made a new pumpkin recipe that is a streusel pumpkin pie in a puff pastry crust in a baking dish, called slab pie or something like that.  Jim prefers regular pie.  I'm glad I only made half a batch.  I also made egg and sausage enchiladas for an easy breakfast and I made another egg casserole ready for later.  

***** BREAKING NEWS*******
Jim shot a doe.
I hope I have room in the freezer.

Oh, I voted on Tuesday, too, and I didn't want to have anything to do with the computer on that day.  

Not much going on in the picture department, so I snitched this off facebook.

As soon as I typed that, I remembered that Christian was here over Sunday and I took some photos, or rather some photos were taken since I didn't take all of them.  Perhaps they should have gone in the last post, but they didn't, so we will pause and edit some photos. 

Christian loves to play with my little people things. 

Until next time...

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Anita said...

Those little boys! Pretty sweet pix of the two of you. 😀