Thursday, November 17, 2016

Keep Up The Pace

It is always nice to have a baby girl picture to post for the week.  I'm really lucky that her mother loves to take pictures of this cute little one.  Paislee is 3 months old, 9.15 pounds and 23 inches.  Not a bad size for a little one that started out at 5# 5 oz.

Of course, lots of things happened this week.  Funny things, and I would think, I should blog about that, but I just blogged yesterday.  I should write some of those things down.  The only funny thing I can think of is my current project of slowing down when I do things so I don't make so many messes, like splash milk out of the glass when I pour it, or drop utensils and more on the floor when I'm in the kitchen.  
When I first started my chart looked like this...

Today it looks like this....

. That's because I haven't written down anything for today. This is yesterday's, or perhaps the day before.  Anyway, I'm making enough progress so I can pour milk without having to find the dishcloth and work in the kitchen without dropping every other thing I put my hands on.  There is still progress to be made, but I really think it's starting to get in my head to just pause a bit before any task.  Sometimes, I'm shouting, "fail" as a spoon jumps out of the drawer.  There's a change going on inside, I can feel it, so the chart stays up, whether I mark it everyday or not.  
My mom hurries around in her work, and it's contagious.

Tuesday I was back at the Miller's getting two boys off to school, one with a lunch, picking up one boy before noon then playing with the playdough, trying to give the boys just enough candy from their Halloween treat bags to keep them quiet and not enough to make them sick. 

It was an absolutely gorgeous day for November 15th, A day left over from September and we spent some time outside.  These boys love to play outside.  They like to play with balls on the trampoline.  Usually they just bounce around with them, but often they like to throw them all out and have Gramma throw them back in.  Christian is pushing them through the gap between the net and the springs to the ground.
(I'm not exactly sure where that gap is.)

I seriously love to get in air photos. 

Barry is our big equipment lover.  He has loads of different kinds of equipment and he knows how to use them.  I don't think he was supposed to be digging in this circle of dirt that used to be the pool site and is now where the family gathers around the fire pit, only it's not a pit, since it stands on legs, but I don't know what to call it and I don't have time to look it up because I need to start supper.  

I just love to watch him at work.  

Since their mom is an officer of the OTA group, sometimes she stays late, and sometimes, (like this time), a group project needs to be planned.  So, we had to jump into action about 3:15 and go pick up Zane from school.  He wasn't expecting us so he was pleasantly surprised.  I'm plumb proud of that kid.  I needed a charger since I'm not used to charging this new phone of mine as often as it needs it. Zane was telling me, "you have to look at the shape to make sure you get the right one."  He plugged it in by the sink and then since it was a short cord, he didn't like the way it was just hanging there, so he pushed the 'catch-all' basket under there to give it some lift.  He is observant.  I like that.  I'm proud of the way he works at school.  His grades were A+'s.  His favorite subject is PE, then math.  

After I got home and was telling Jim about our charging contrivance, he says, "Isn't there a charger in the car?" Well, duh, I guess there was, but I don't lock my car in their driveway since it is easier when shooing kids out the door and into the car to have it already unlocked.
That was my excuse anyway.  


Renee said...

I looked up contrivance....I don't think I've ever read or heard that word before. Will I remember its meaning for next time...that is the question!

Darcie said...

What sweet picture of your grand baby! I like to think you will have many more wins then fails here very soon!! :-)

Anita said...

It's so neat to watch kids' brains develop! Nice that you're nearby and get to watch it!