Saturday, December 10, 2016

Binge Cooking

After all that exciting news of last week. The more exciting news of this week is that on Thursday, when I was all geared up, prepped and prepared for this biopsy, the doctor looked at the live ultrasound, and after spending lots of time looking it over, decided that the lump (5 mm) is a cyst and no biopsy is needed.  I will have to go back in 6 months for another mammogram and ultrasound.  If there are changes then something else will be done.  

I wonder if anyone wonders about things like my walking, (I'm having trouble with it on these cold days) or how my win/fail program is going, (not bad really, I can pour a glass of milk without splashing out almost 100%).
Actually, I really am starting...stopping? to think before I do things.  It would have been a good idea to pay attention before I dumped an entire glass of milk on the carpet.  That has been my most spectacular fail so far.  Last night I managed to wash my enormous cutting board and the cookie sheets without getting ANY water on the floor.  Sometimes, I make a little mess and wonder what I could have done to prevent it.  I suppose there are a few that can't be prevented.  

I don't like to work very quickly.  I know that just getting after a task means a lot of work can get done in a small amount of time. I just don't like to do it.  Thursday morning with the specter of biopsy hanging over my head I was inspired and I was really impressed with the amount of things I got done in 20 minutes.  
I put fresh sheets on two beds, picked up the out of place things in both rooms, put a load of laundry in the washer and put a load away.  Just think how much I could get done if I worked like that all the time!!
If I worked like that very often, pretty soon the only thing I would be getting done is my knitting.  

Today I went on a cookie marathon.  I want a selection of desserts and cookies for company coming at the end of the week.  Yesterday, I made ginger cookies and fruit cake as a warm-up.  Today I made Mounds Cake in muffin cups, oatmeal peanut butter cookies, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with nuts, and oatmeal raisin cookies. Sadly, I miscalculated and used all the raisins in the fruit cake so I had to make a quick trip to town for more raisins.  There were about 42,000 people waiting in line at Walmart so I went through the self-checkout.  That line was moving quickly, and I was moving right along with my three items, when it hit me just as I was swiping the spray paint....
"oh, no this will flag the checker".  And it did.  The only problem was that the checker lady was going  through every bag of someone else, and pretty soon there were two others waiting for her assistance.  The guy next to me was buying cough syrup.  Like me, he didn't think about what would happen. 
After what seemed like an age, it was my turn and I was on my way.  
I must say that even though the lines were long and there were problems, everyone was waiting patiently.  
This was NOT 5:30, it was 3:00.  I was reminded again why I don't like to go to Walmart until after the first of the year.  

I took a picture of the fruit cake, but I didn't take any photos of the approximately 15 dozen cookies I made.  I made them small so it took forever.  

Earlier this month I received an invitation to a bridal shower that would take place on December 8th.  When I received it, I told Jim, "Now, I know when the boys Holiday Concert will be."  Sure enough, in a few days we got word that the day of the concert would be the 8th, so I gave my gift early.  

Taking photographs from the top of the bleachers in an enormous gym doesn't work very well, at least not with my lame cameras.  
These at least prove we were there, and so were the boys.  
I tried to mark the boys, but the text didn't transfer correctly from picasa to blogger so Barry is on the top row with a white shirt

and Zane is in blue on the end of the 3rd row.

The only other remarkable thing that happened this week, is that it got cold.
Really cold.

I forgot, I made cinnamon rolls today, too.  


Anita said...

Two things -
1) I ate a cinnamon roll yesterday, as much of Facebook knows.
2) Whenever I make a mess while washing dishes, I just know it's because the sink is too small! 😎

The Chairman's Wife said...

Glad you didn't have to have the biopsy! You're inspiring me to get baking this week!