Monday, December 5, 2016

Facing the Unknown...


I'm sitting here in front of the fire with a nice warm laptop on my lap and my robe on because I was freezing to death.  It may have had something to do with the 'again' that's going on, but I'm not ready to tell that story yet.  
(Scroll down in a hurry to the bottom if you can't wait.)

I got myself set up to blog and then I remembered I hadn't downloaded my photos from my camera so I got up, refreshed the fire, went to the bathroom, got my robe, and couldn't find my camera.  It wasn't where it belonged.  Then I looked on the table which is holding the detritus of the last few days because after having a sort of falling apart week last week, I didn't get everything tidied up today because it is still busy and I like to rest and refresh, too....
and there it was!!
 I was going to tidy up those Paislee photos, too, but they are all loaded up on this post so there is the larger view of the living room of our house on the photos Jim, took.  I'm more of the 'get in close' photographer, but Jim isn't.  

Miss Paislee is talking and wiggling and grabbing and rolling front to back.  Obviously none of my three camera's can take a decent photo of waving arms, or approximate the color going on in the evening, of the ten I took, these are the best of the lot.  

I made a new cookie recipe this week, Italian Ricotta Cookies. 
They were yummy.  The recipe called for lemon zest or almond, but I made mine vanilla.

Now that the frosting is done, we can get to the meat of the post and the reasons for falling apart.
My computer is annoying, it is Windows 10, which I don't like, it is slow and downloading quick books took forever and then it wouldn't work until a long session with a QB tech, which only proved there are more things going on with the computer that need attention.
Two of my friends are having serious medical issues that may very well fall in the, oh how I hate to type the C-word again so I won't, category.
I had to have a second mammogram, and ultrasound, because there's something in there.
  I had the tests redone because they wanted a close up look at that little lump in there.  They check to see if it is smooth or rough, and if it is tissue or fluid inside.  That determines whether or not a biopsy is necessary.
It's tissue, so it has to be biopsied. 
The good news:
It's small, too small to feel.
I have dense breasts, and the doctor said that was good, (so then I did a quick look on google, which seems it isn't, but then taking whatever google says for gospel truth, is a bad thing). 
which means it could be a fibroid/fibrous? something-or-other, I didn't catch it. 

The doctor was very serious after a bit and said, "We need to know so that if it is nothing, we put a marker in and have another mammogram in 6 months to check for changes. If it is something we will make another plan."
We need to know.
Biopsy on Thursday.
Results next Monday. 

Now, it's time to get supper on.  I have some fish fillets, that I will dip in ranch dressing and then club cracker crumbs.  I bake them a half-hour and they are good. 


Anita said...

Oh my. Sending a hug.

Unknown said...

Warm hugs from Sweden too.

Lynisha Weeda said...

Well the truth is, I don't read blogs much anymore at all. I was looking for some pictures on my neglected blog and saw this update on yours! Sending hugs your way, we will sure be thinking of you and waiting for the next update! <3

The Chairman's Wife said...

Hoping it is nothing! Thinking of you!

The Millers said...

Our paislee sure is sweet!