Saturday, December 17, 2016

Arctic Blast

It's cold out there today.  
Really cold.  
And the wind is blowing.  
AND, there's a little snow out there, too.

This is 8:27 am, because at 8:27 pm it is -4.
That's 36 degrees below freezing. 
We won't even talk about the wind chill.

I stayed inside all day except for opening the door for company to come in this afternoon. 
I don't mind zero weather if I don't have to get out in it.  
I don't mind it too much if the wind isn't blowing, and I have on a heavy skirt, leggings, socks, gloves, a scarf and a tie down hat.  
Or snow pants, with all the above except the skirt. 
And boots, I forgot the boots.
I will wear all that to the grocery store (not snow pants), because I refuse to be cold anymore. 

This has been a busy week.  Besides all the normal things that need doing to keep home and business running as smoothly as possible, I had extra forms to fill out and send, company meals to plan and buy for, the basement to tidy up since some of our company was going to sleep down there and that never gets done until the eleventh hour.  
(Sure looks nice down there.)
All this had to be done in four days since UNK graduation was Friday morning and company came in the afternoon. 

On another note, Paislee was 4 months old on December 10th.

I made this vest out of some very thin, at least part mohair, yarn.  I love it. 

And see this cool thing?

  I was looking for something like this to dry my heavy dish cloths several months ago.  The spikes are on both sides and lift the cloth away from the sink so air can get under it and it dries so much faster,  I bought a metal napkin holder and draped my dish cloths over it and that worked pretty well until I found this.  
I love it.  It cost me $10, which my tightwadish, frugal self cringed at the very thought, but it has been worth it.  Things that do the job are worth spending a little extra for. 

Just like people, there are those that are worth spending a little extra time for.  

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